What is Infographic?

Use Infographic & Visualize Your Data

Use infographic to get your point across in a visually attractive, easily sharable, and fun way


In simple words an infographic is an artistic representation of information and data using various elements such as pictures, graphics, diagrams, timelines, narrative, graphs, etc. These elements are used to help users process complicated and rigid information easily. The concept of infographic is to ensure the information is visually engaging, and it should contain information and data that will appeal to the audience. They are a way for users to tell a complete story without losing the interest of the audience. The idea is to keep the material as engaging as possible while communicating information and data. The concept focuses on communication insights. Infographic makes your business easily understandable for your customers.

The key to a great infographic design is that even with the supporting graphics the focus in on the actual information and data, and not the infographic design. The second crucial step is to process raw data in an easy to grasp concept, with the help of visual aid. The idea to add visual aid is an ingenious one, because not only does it help in engaging the audience, it allows the audience to understand and remember the data and information in an easy manner.

Level Up Creation is offering you a chance to get your complex data, and information transformed into content infographic. They focus on five basic elements during the infographic creation process, and here is how its process.


  • Story – The infographic designer at LevelUp Creations start with the concept, and the main concept behind every infographic is to create a story.
  • Data – They process data that is accurate, as they wish to ensure that the information paired with their visual aid is accurate.
  • Copy – Their designers take a small copy material of the information and data that is handed to them, and strategically add it along side infographics.
  • Design – LevelUp Creation infographic designers pay close attention to the design aspect of the matter. They add colours, fonts, and design related aspects according to the theme, so the entire project ties together perfectly.
  • Charts and Graphs – The designers do not add regular excel charts and graphs, these charts and graphs represent data in a creative way. Again the information is backed up with relevant visual aid to help understand.


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Once you understand what infographic creation is all about, and how they work you can move on to the next aspect, which is to understand Usage of Infographic in various industries.




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