What is Branding ?

What is Branding?

Branding is when you create a brand, it is a process that involves positioning your product or an entire company in the market. It is a way of carving out your own place, placing brand strategy in place as to how you will reach these goals, creating verbal identity, designing a corporate/ product identity, composing a brand message both verbal and written, and setting the standard of your company or brand. Furthermore, it consist of a plan on how to keep your brand strong, and consistent.

Branding is also known as brand development, and once the process is completed most businesses do not feel the need to take on a branding process for another 10 to 20 years. Most businesses that have been standing for more than 50 years, have only experienced the process of branding 2 to 3 times. This process is undertaken when a brand becomes outdated, and the company feels they need a new fresh look for that particular product. Newly developing or developed companies offering new brands get to experience the exciting process of branding on a more frequent basis.

An important branding concept to accept is that branding is not a made up story. It is a real marketing tool, that allows you to communicate with the audience. When branding is exercised clearly, it can help empower your organization to communicate with more clarity, and a greater purpose. This enables individuals to be well informed, better understanding, less confusion, clear communications, and that allows companies to offer a better customer service experience.

When you understand the difference between brand and branding, it helps you strengthen your brand. As you are more invested in your brand development process. LevelUp Creation ensure that you are a part of the process, and understand each aspect of the branding process, from branding strategy, to branding design. Your understanding on the matter allows you to educate your employees on the matter, and help create a great flow.


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