Website design and Development

Website Design and Development


Designing is a process that includes collecting various ideas, arranging and implementing them following a set of rules. Website design follows a similar process, the difference is, that the designs is presented on a website. This website can be accessed by users all around the world. Website design sticks to many elements of design as:


  1. Layout – is a mixture of how graphic design, text, and material is staged on a website. A website developer’s job is to make sure that the user can find all the information they require in a single glance. This requires for them to maintain a balance, integrity, and consistency of the design.


  1. Colour – this choice usually depends on the client, it can be multicoloured, or a basic black and white design. There is also a great idea to use colors those define logic.


  1. Graphics – graphic design includes logos, clipart, icons, or photos, all used to enhance the website design. Website developers ensure that there is a balanced maintained, and every little detail matches.


  1. Fonts – are used to enhance a website design, and the developer uses web-safe-fonts to ensure that work on most browsers.


  1. Content – website design and content goes hand in hand, as it allows you to enhance your website. Which is why the written text must be relevant, engaging, and quality content. A huge plus is SEO content, that can help owners generate more traffic.


Website developers code or program, that allows them to offer their clients website functionality as per requirements. A website developer generally deals with non-design aspects of a website, and can create anything from a plain text page, to a fully functional website with additional features.


LevelUp Creation is offering you excellent website design and web development skills for various websites, such as news, magazine, e-commerce, business website or stock website. They house professionals that can create an excellent UI design, which allows for a satisfying website experience. LevelUp Creation follows critical planning, analysis, and pay attention to small details and requirements set by the client.



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