The Key To Retail Success – Package Design

The Key to Retail Success – “Package Design”

People say you can only help someone by providing them options but to take advantage of those options depends on the individual’s final decision. Similarly, the success of any business or its product, its brand strategy and marketing depends on the final moment of Package design and placement in the shelf in stores.

The Package design can decide the fate of your sales and business because even if the customer is loyal to your brand but the final Package design didn’t attract the customer all the brand strategy and loyalty will not be able to influence his decision of buying the product.

Business startups often think that advertising and marketing is the decisive step to infuse in people to purchase their product but they are mistaken. It is the Package design which can ultimately change the end user’s mind whether to purchase the product or try a new product or not.

The key to retail success depend heavily on how your product is packed and labelled? How you designed your packaging? Have you considered ease of the customer while deciding the Package design? Because at the last moment this can decide the shelf life of your product in retail not your marketing, branding, logo, advertisement or any other instrument.

Following are the tips for your Package design and product label that can help you succeed in retail.

  1. Make it less boring
  2. Fix it with easily readable labels
  3. Relevantly design the package as per the product
  4. Focus on individual packaging as in retail this will bring you better result
  5. Use honest imagery
  6. Shape your packaging design as per the practicality of the product or ease of the customer.


Case Studies:


Edison dreamed of creating of cold cold light. He’ve been looking at the fireflies and believed that this could be made by a human sometimes. We were inspired by the textbooks of physics and entomologies almanacs of the early XX century. That is why we combined the idea of a modern “cold light bulbs” and images of insects. Simple electrical circuit’s graphics, monotonous illustration and clean backgrounds – all this made to focus on the product. The diverse shapes of light bulbs fit perfectly in to the silhouettes of insect’s bodies.

Graphic Designer: Angelina Pischikova   &   Rodion Kovenkin


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