Creative Brand Identity

Why Cheap and FREE is NOT Always The Best 

Logo, which is the beginning point of any brand / company, needs to cost you, especially when you will have it designed from multiple graphic designers to challenge their creativity and satisfy your hunger for innovation. Same goes for the brochure’s booklet design, letterhead’s contrast, business card design, or the creation of your overall brand identity.

If you will opt for the cheaper means and designs then you will have to compromise on the quality and creativity of the designs. Nothing comes free. You need a solid investment to build your creative brand identity once and for all and then sit and relax to enjoy the boost your brand identity will get.

For the new business startups, still there is one relieving thought that this is one-time cost only. You devise your logo once and be identified with it forever which is why it is not advisable to look for free design favors or cheaper short cut for establishing your creative brand identity. You need creative designs that could stand out from the crowd, empower you professionally and establish your solid identity in the perception of the potential customers.

Your business can save some money from using the cheaper routes but it will spoil your image and destroy your brand strategy and identity. You need to build your impact on your clients and that cannot be done by using the free ride or cheaper route.

Thus, it is a humble advice for all the readers or the business initiators, to look for an efficient creative brand identity even if it costs you a fortune.

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