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About LevelUp Creation

As we creative graphic design agency, We hire Adobe certified Graphics Design Experts around the World. Each and every person/designer hired in LevelUpCreation is passional about designing and with a mandatory honest policy follower. Our graphic exports deals specially with Brand Strategy, Branding Design, Web-design, Motion graphics design and many more creative works. Our professional attitude and straight-forward approach has been the foundation of our business and is the reason why our client loves us and can’t stay out of LevelUpCreation, even keep connection more & more day by day to decorate their business and services professionally and upgrade to a next level in a smart way and a proven method by design. So we say Good Design is the Secret of Great Business. Our service is run with professionalism and total attention to the Client.

We provide consultant for each and every client, who maintain a trust bond between client and designer. This is an Exclusive service in the entire world in our industry. This structure designed by the founder Abhilash Mohanty and developed by the Team LevelUp.


EXPERIENCE (not limited to)

Harnessing creativity and perfecting the craft with practical experience. The first experience we believe that required to do anything is to love what you do. So we are working professional and love what we do.

Some software experience we have made mandatory for our team are:

  • Adobe Creative Suite ( Illustrator | Photoshop | After Effect | Premier PRO | Light Room | InDesign | Acrobat ) Certified by Adobe
  • Coral draw
  • Cinema 4D
  • SolidWorks ( Design | Assembly | Drawings )
  • Alias Sketchbook Pro
  • Keyshot
  • SketchUp
  • Office Suite ( Word | Powerpoint | Excel )
  • Proficient on both MAC and PC


DESIGN CAPABILITIES (not limited to)

  • Quick Conceptual & Ideation Sketching. Hand/Tablet
  • Professional 3D Rendering, Illustrating and Presentation Design
  • Engineering Drafting & Drawings
  • 3D CAD for Concept, Prototype and Manufacturing
  • Prototyping & Model-Making
  • Package Design. Structural and Graphic
  • Soft-Good Design and Manufacturing
  • Professional Photo Manipulations/Touch-ups
  • Design Branding and Trend Analysis
  • International Manufacturing
  • Web Designing with PHP



We strictly follow our Uniqueness. All designs are fully Copyrighted and Royalty free.
So, absolutely don’t worry concern duplicate of any design. All designs are copyrighted owned by LevelUpCreation and license transferred to clients accordingly.

 ( The use of these designs and concepts are subject to purchased design owner by transferred of Copyright License Agreement. Any non-compliance amounts to copyright infringement, which is a serious civil and criminal offence allowing court to sentence you for the imprisonment up to 3 years. )

Each and every designs are Unique and Different from others. (Our Ultimate Vision towards completing a design.)

 Design draws a crowd

Level Up Creation was created and bootstrapped by founder Abhilash Mohanty with the support & inspired by Sandeep Maheswari. Today, Level Up Creation is backed by the forward thinkers of Adobe Partners, Envato Market Community and Freelancer Community.

  • " Before a CEO of Branding Agency, I'm a Graphic Designer First. Why i became a Graphic Designer? Because i believe Graphic Design is one Of the Best job in this World. For me good design is not just making things look nice, i believe it's really thoughtful and challenging process because we've to solve problem Creatively. This is not just a job, it's a way of Life. For Graphic designing, i feel every day is a new day as we have to work on different projects. The best part is it can leads you to different directions. I love creating design for my company and for my own projects. We designers are naturally curious animals and we find ourself thinking differently about the world around us ans admiring the smaller details that go in to Beautiful Design Products. "

    Abhilash Mohanty
    Abhilash Mohanty CEO at Level Up Creation