How Branding Impacts the Business?

How Branding Impacts the Business?

Once you understand the concept of branding, the next thing you need to learn about is how branding impacts your business.

Back in 1975, there are a campaign launched by PepsiCo, which ensured that they will become the leading company in the cola wars. The campaign was simple, they step up booths in various malls, sports arenas, state fairs, and supermarkets; participants were asked to take a sip of each unmarked cup, one was filled with Pepsi, and another with coke. And the results were clear, people preferred Pepsi more than Coke, but the fact of the matter was, that Coca-Cola was crushing PepsiCo in market shares. Even now, so many decades later we can see Coca-Cola is sitting comfortably at the top.

Since then there have been many attempts to explain the reason behind the results, as clearly PepsiCo was leading in every district. Malcolm Gladwell, in his book suggests that the reason behind the results was that people prefer a sweeter drink in small amounts, but numerous studies have shown that is not the matter.

So what is the reason?

Well, we finally got our answer when a research professor at Baylor College of Medicine decided to put the matter to test. He wanted to figure out the physiological reasons why people choose Coke over Pepsi. Using an fMRI (a machine that is used to test brain activity, with the help of blood flow) he started handing out unmarked cups with both drinks. Once again, the brain waves made it clear that Pepsi was the choice. When he moved to the next phase of the experiment, he decided to make a simple change. He started handing out Coca-Cola and Pepsi bottles, and that changed everything. Pepsi was no longer the favourites, because this time their brain was evaluating experiences and memories and not just flavour.

This is a clear example of how branding impacts your business, and how it can mean different things. Coke has always been on top with marketing efforts, and that is what has allowed them to stay on the top for all these decades.

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