Adobe Color Wheel

Color Wheel by Adobe

There is many way to choose the color from your surrounding. But Most of you did not know before, there is a Unique and Developed version tool launched by Adobe. It’s Trademark name is Adobe Color CC. You can copy the HEX code from the color wheel under the color box, and paste to use accurate color for your use. Get according CMYK |RGB | LAB | HSB with HEX Codes.

adobe color wheel


Color Rule:

There are 7 unique color rules to make your work easy.

  • Analogous
  • Monochromatic
  • Triad
  • Complementary
  • Compound
  • Shades
  • Custom


Create from Image:

This is an extraordinary option that helps you a lot in different different purpose. With this Option you can choose any image and you can get the exact colors used in the Image. Also you can compare the image color with different colors. This tool can collect colors from every part of the image. Also you have the option to select the part of the image manually by dragging the cursor  point over the part.



Available option to choose and select from thousand of Color Pallets/Themes. If you are confusing to choose color manually, there is a great option for you to choose it from the Adobe Theme Library. You can also save the theme for future preference.



At the end you have the option to save your complete color project under ‘My Theme’ by just clicking on the save button on the top-left corner.


Click Here to Explore the Amazing Tool by Adobe.


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